Safe and Sacred

To view information on Safe and Sacred, a course required for all teachers, staff, and volunteers to administer to minors, click here.

Major changes have been instituted into the child protection program for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. Some highlights include:

• In January 2014, the contract with VIRTUS expired and the Archdiocese chose to replace it with an online training program called "Safe and Sacred".

• "Safe and Sacred" training program is completely conducted online and includes processing of a background check and Code of Conduct.

• Follow up bulletins (online) should be read once per quarter.

• The program includes information on child physical abuse, neglect, and emotional abuse,

as well as sexual abuse.

The initial training takes about 45 minutes to complete online. Follow up bulletins take less time to read.

All employees and all volunteers dealing with children must complete all three sections BEFORE starting any position.

Purpose of New Program The Archdiocese of Indianapolis has chosen the “Safe and Sacred” program for several reasons. It provides easier access to child protection training for clergy, employees, and volunteers. It allows us to broaden the focus of the training to increase awareness of all forms of child abuse. Safe and Sacred includes an assessment that must be taken and passed to ensure that training content is learned and can be applied. We believe these are important new features for this program.

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