The Organ of Holy Rosary

The new pipe organ for Holy Rosary Catholic Church was designed and built by Schreiner Pipe Organs, Ltd. of Schenectady, New York. The majority of the 1,792 pipes, comprising the Great, Swell, and Pedal divisions of the organ, are housed where the original organ lived, in a newly-built chamber above the choir loft. An additional division, called the Continuo Organ, is located on the wall of the choir loft. It is designed to give direct support to the choir. The entire organ is controlled from a moveable oak console of two manuals and pedal in the choir loft. The Great and Swell pipes are controlled by electric-pulldown slider windchests similar to those used in mechanical-action pipe organs. Pedal, Continuo, and shared pipes are controlled with electro-pneumatic or electro-mechanical valves. The console communicates with the valves through a Solid State control system.


The organ reuses 367 pipes and adds 1,425 new pipes to create an instrument with a wide variety of tone colors for leading hymns, accompanying the choir, and playing interludes and voluntaries suitable for the liturgy. The reused pipes were adjusted to blend with their new counterparts.

The Great division is located just inside the chamber behind the working façade pipes that are part of the Great 8’ Open Diapason. The Great principal chorus forms the tonal backbone of the organ.


Other stops in the division include the bold Flûte harmonique modeled after solo flutes in the French romantic tradition, the softer Bourdon, Gedeckt, and Flöte from the original Kilgen organ, and the gentle, stringy Gemshorn stop from an old set of pipes. The Trumpet adds a reedy edge to the ensemble tone.

The Pedal has two independent 16’ voices in the flute Subbass and the Trombone, and it reuses the Kilgen Open Diapason at 8’ and 4’ pitch. The Swell division is housed in a sturdy wooden box with adjustable louvers to let the organist control the volume. It includes a secondary principal chorus, string stops from the Kilgen organ, and a charming flute chorus with the harmonic Flûte octaviante and Octavin and appropriate mutations. The Oboe, and its Bassoon and Shawm extensions, functions both as a sweet solo voice and a supporting ensemble sound, available in the Pedal as well as the Swell.

The Continuo division is based on the oak Stopped Diapason in the façade, which gives articulate and transparent support to the choir. The gentle Dulciana from the Kilgen, and the tapered Spire Flute and Recorder add depth and brightness to the division. The entire organ is tuned in Fisk II temperament, a mildly unequal temperament that allows music to be played in all keys but gives special clarity to the keys commonly found in earlier music.







24 independent voices, 1,792 pipes

Great Manual I

16’ Bourdon

8’ Open Diapason

8’ Flûte harmonique

8’ Gemshorn

8’ Gedeckt ext.

4’ Octave

4’ Flöte ext.

2’ Superoctave

Mixture IV-V

8’ Trumpet

Swell Manual II (Enclosed)

8’ Viole de gambe

8’ Rohrflöte

8’ Voix celeste

4’ Prestant

4’ Flûte octaviante

2 2/3’ Nasard

2’ Octavin

1 3/5’ Tierce

Plein jeu 2’ + III

16’ Bassoon

8’ Oboe ext.

4’ Shawm ext.


A moveable oak console, two manuals and pedal.

Manuals 61 notes, CC – c4. Pedal 32 notes, CC – g1.

Manual naturals of grenadilla, sharps of bone-capped rosewood.

Continuo Floating

8’ Stopped Diapason

8’ Dulciana

4’ Spire Flute

2’ Recorder ext.

Couplers etc.

Swell to Great

Continuo to Great

Continuo to Swell

Swell Off

Great to Pedal

Swell to Pedal

Continuo to Pedal


Balanced Swell Pedal

Pedal (32 Notes)

16’ Subbass

16’ Bourdon (Gt)

10 2/3’ Resultant ext.

8’ Principal

8’ Gedeckt (Gt)

4’ Octave ext.

16’ Trombone

16’ Bassoon (Sw)

8’ Oboe (Sw)

4’ Shawm (Sw)

Stop Action

Electric stop action and Solid State combination system with 100 memory levels.

Key Action

Electric key action controlling electric pulldown slider windchests for Great and Swell, electro- pneumatic and electro-mechanical valves for Pedal, Continuo, and shared ranks.

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